Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist

Real Estate Divorce Specialists are real estate professionals who focus specifically in divorcing clients. We have undergone training in the legal & tax aspects of the divorce process when it comes to the real estate. We are educated on legal rulings, regulations and tax implications. This training affords us the opportunity to assist our divorcing clients in taking advantage of tax laws that are specific to selling a house in a divorce proceeding.

For example, the majority of people do not know that, in some situations, the spouse who moved out of the family house as long as 6 years ago still have the opportunity to take a $250,000 exclusion when the house is sold, even though the spouse who maintained a residence at the home also took a $250,000 exclusion themselves.

Since divorcing couples compose a large portion of the real estate market, Real Estate Divorce Specialists are a new and growing field within the real estate industry. Unfortunately, 50% of marriages end in a divorce in this country. In 70% of those divorce cases, the parties that are involved are either purchasing a  house, selling a house or even doing both. A real estate professional who understands the specific problems and laws that oversee the dissolution of a marriage can be a big asset at a very difficult and chaotic time in a person’s life.

Unfortunately, couples will continue to get divorced and will need the proper and sound advice when it comes to the real estate involved in a divorce. A real estate professional with a focus in divorce can help streamline the process and be a very helpful resource to all parties involved.